Hello There

I'm currently a Product Manager working in Louisville, Kentucky.

During the last 19 years, I’ve worked as a designer, front-end developer, project manager, and content strategist. My wife Sophie and I are proud parents to a baby boy named Conway. We also have three cats - Early, Hank, and Francis. Pleased to meet you.

My Day Job

Humana’s Digital Experience Center is a software development team that builds human-centered software. I work as a product manager, and am responsible for maximizing the value of the software product my team creates.

The Night Shift

From time to time, I'll take on freelance design work for friends and interesting clients. Raising little Conway occupies most of my free time, however. When I'm not bouncing the little fella on my knee, I'm probably playing guitar, reading comics, or thinking about Star Wars. I also write fiction for ANTI-VILLAIN.