Product Leader Executive

I'm a collaborative Product Leader with a record of success in setting strategies for digital products and delivering innovative user experiences that delight customers and drive business outcomes. I approach management with empathy and have built dynamic and diverse teams with a management style that optimizes for creativity and efficiency. I can communicate in a compelling way with internal and external stakeholders and serve as a product advocate to senior leadership. My technical skillset is diverse - developed through previous experiences as a designer, developer, content strategist, filmmaker, graphic designer, and author.


Director, Product Management

  • Created strategy and roadmap for a digital care plan portal that allows Care Managers to coordinate task-based care with customers. Drove a 15% increase in digital adoption, saving $5 million in telephonic outreach.
  • Responsible for end-to-end delivery of a secure messaging capability that allows care managers to asynchronously communicate with customers about their care plans. This feature saved $3 million in previous care manager telephonic outreach and increased digital adoption from customers by 60%.
  • Led joint effort between marketing and clinical to increase response rates by 45% for our Post- Discharge outreach program. Leveraged SMS and lightweight surveys to appropriately route customers to the most efficient services. Increased response to telephonic outreach saved an estimated $5.5 million in hospital readmission costs.
  • Responsible for product vision and business strategy of a Behavioral Health Navigation program serving 2.4 million customers seeking access to talk therapy and/or medication management. The program moved 27% of PCP visits regarding mental health to more appropriate treatment from a psychologist/psychiatrist - resulting in an average cost savings of $2000 a year per customer.
  • Managed a team of 15 Product Managers. Provided mentorship and growth opportunities, promoting five of the associates to expanded roles. Taught the concepts of radical candor and authentic language to improve presentation skills and stakeholder management for the team.
  • Delivered a robust training course on Product Management that is used across the enterprise as a guide on lean, human-centered product methodology. Enabled traditional waterfall software teams to adopt a product mindset and delivery model through direct pairing and teaching classes, training over twenty product managers directly, reducing training costs by 82% per employee.
2019 - Present

Lead Product Manager

  • Managed roadmap, backlog, and cross-functional team in delivering the One Medication List (OML) data product. OML serves single-source-of-truth for all Humana medication data utilized by seven different customer-facing web and mobile experiences. OML consolidated five disparate medication data sources and has empowered consistency for all customer data. This service gives customers a complete view of their medication data to share with providers and pharmacists.
  • Created the roadmap and backlog that delivered three interconnected web and mobile apps that empowered medication reconciliations for over 1 million patients since 2018. These applications connect customers with field care managers and pharmacists to prevent drug interactions and provide cost savings by utilizing the OML application data.
2017 - 2019

Product Designer/Product Manager

  • Designed user experience for MyHealth mobile application for both iOS and Android. Conducted usability tests with customers each week to iterate and improve on the design. Worked with engineering partners to ensure styling and format were consistent with brand and accessibility standards. Monitored analytics post-release for ongoing UX improvements.
2015 - 2017

Web Generalist/Project Manager

VIA Studio
  • Designed a service blueprint for Sazerac's Single Barrel Select program. Managed a team of UX Designers and Back-End Engineers to build a web application for the online ordering of bourbon. Responsible for Project Management and Front-End Development throughout the engagement.
  • Changed company development process from waterfall to agile, which reduced operating budgets by 15% and increased delivery speed by two months. Developed a reusable WordPress theme framework that cut development costs by 60% per website.
2011 - 2015

UX Designer/Front-End Developer

Net Tango
  • Designed and developed over 200 websites across multiple industries while maintaining a timeline and budget.
  • Wrote marketing copy, site documentation, and trained end-users.
  • Championed mobile-first design in the company and our local market.
2000 - 2011

Education & Training

Savannah College of Art & Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Product School

Senior Product Management Certification

Pivotal Labs (Now VMware)

Product Management Training


Industry Knowledge
  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Lean Product Management
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Cross-Functional Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Product and User Experience Design
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Video Editing & Post Production
  • Music Composition & Recording
  • Illustration


I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my wonderful wife and two small children. We have one grey cat we named Grey Cat. I have a wide-range of interests and hobbies that include comics, Star Wars, and playing guitar.

Primarily, I love to create. For more details about my non-work endeavors, please visit my other site: ANTI-VILLAIN

Awards & Certifications

  • Disney Perfect Service Experience Graduate - 2018
  • Humana's PeopleFirst Language Award - 2017
  • Nominated as a Kentucky Colonel - 2014